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Why is the Muslim Brotherhood a Threat to Canada?

Why is the Muslim Brotherhood a Threat to Canada?
Many reasons exist, but the most important is that the Muslim Brotherhood are not a party or political trend. They are organizing with an aim to expanding their control over institutions in Canada. They aim to redefine a variety of these institutions in accordance with their interpretation of divine, not human, law.
As the group’s founder Hassan al-Banna said: Build a Muslim individual and later the Muslim community, then the Islamic state, and then the Islamic Caliphate, and finally control the world.
This political/religious belief has not changed yet. What they believe is in the motto of the group:
Allah is our objective.
The Prophet is our leader.
The Qur’an is our law.
Jihad is our way.
Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.
Allahu akbar!
There is no room to talk about the nation, democracy, human rights, women, minorities and other humanitarian concepts. These are all against the Muslim Brotherhood’s interpretation of Islam and against God, at least as they see it.
They will tell you that you cannot vary or even discuss the Muslim Brotherhood project, because it is sacred, it is divine, and they are agents of God on earth. How can you differ with God? So, in the project of Muslim Brotherhood, any of the people or peoples are just tools to carry out their divine will in the application of the law of God. If the people resist this, they have no rights of any kind and they must be killed, burned and exterminated.
This understanding does not belong to the Muslim Brotherhood alone, it includes all varieties of political Islam. The differences in the factions or groups is in the tools and timing. In that sense that there is no difference in doctrine, for example, between the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Jihad or Al-Qaeda or ISIS or the mullahs’ regime in Iran. The final goal is the same.
ISIS, for example, believes in moving into to power through the force of arms; the Muslim Brotherhood came to power in Egypt through elections, but both have one goal, which is to apply (their version) of the law of God. The goal is the Islamic caliphate and later to take over the world.
Some say that discussions about tolerance and freedom have been launched by the Muslim Brotherhood. These are just a tactic to gain power, or to possess the force or influence to capture power. At the end of all these discussions, they will return to their original goal. This is what happened in Egypt once they were elected in Egypt.
The current General Guide (head) of the Muslim Brotherhood is Dr. Mohamed Badie who posted a message on the Brotherhood’s website after the January Revolution:
We have identified the Imam (Hassan al-Banna, founder) to that Great Goal, starting with the reform of the individual and then build a family and then the establishment of the community then the Caliphate and global control.
He also said in the posting that:
The group has come close to achieving the purpose set by the view of its founder Imam Hassan al-Banna, which, by establishing the rule of a just rational system with all its institutions and its components includes the succeeding governments and then a station to control other countries and eventually the world.
Dr. Mohamed Badie also believe that the Muslim Brotherhood does not recognize differences of blood or of borders.
Following in this belief, the Canadian member of Muslim Brotherhood does not care about Canada. For them, it is a simply a station to reach for control of other countries and in the end control the world.
The former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Mahdi Akef, said to me in a recorded interview that he agrees that Egypt could be governed by a Muslim from anywhere in the world and that it is no problem if a Muslim from Malaysia was to rule Egypt. However, he also said he would refuse to be ruled by any Egyptian in Egypt who was not a Muslim. He also made the (in)famous comment that “I don’t give a damn about Egypt and these people in Egypt.”
So the Muslim Brotherhood is a movement and part of an international secret organization that is extremely dangerous for any country. They have no loyalty to any country. No loyalty to any human values. The only loyalty is to apply what they call the law of God and to their own control of governments.
So the Canadian Muslim Brotherhood is a danger to Canada, because the project is based on the idea of a completely demolished and then rebuilt system according to their divine plan. They imagine that God hand-picked them to rule and not any others.
There are other reasons to explain the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood to Canada. They are also an international secret organization and they are anti-democratic, anti-women and especially against women from any minority, particularly Christians. And they have a close relationship with many terrorist organizations in the world which needs to be explained and will be in a later article.
Saied Shoaaib
Egyptian writer

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